Sunday, December 6, 2009


Although we’re in San Jose, we’re able to watch the Hawaii television stations via something called “Slingbox.”

A couple of years ago, my son connected the Slingbox to my cable wire, then when he got back home to San Jose, he connected another Slingbox to his cable. That enabled the wife to watch her Korean dramas on his computer when we were visiting.

This year, he went one better and connected a SlingCatcher wireless receiver box to the television set in our bedroom.

Now, the Hawaii cable TV array enters the Slingbox in my home, flies across the Internet to the Slingbox in his office, then through the air wirelessly to the receiver box in our bedroom and onto our television set. Ahhh … live Hawaii TV (the wonders of modern electronics!) in San Jose.

The only thing is that it’s broadcast in Hawaii time, which currently is two hours behind California. So the 7:45 p.m. show the wife likes to watch comes on here at 9:45.

She had the nerve to complain to me that it was too late and she almost falls asleep. Imagine that!

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