Monday, June 5, 2017

The "Craig's Driving Today" Memo

On my Facebook page,  I always joke that whenever I take the car out, the city and state transportation people in charge of road improvements send out a memo to all concerned:

Craig is taking his car out on the roads today. Begin tearing up the streets and don't stop until he's back home.

The damned "memo curse" seems to follow me around.

When the wife and I spent a few days at Carmel Valley Ranch, the work crews were out in force, delaying us at every turn.

When I was in Vegas this past February, I had to take so many detours I was afraid I'd end up in Arizona.

And then, during my recent trip to visit my grandson in Fremont, look what we encountered ... every day, for four loooong blocks.

This one was on Fremont Boulevard, for several blocks en route to Fremont Hub, which we had to visit practically every day,

It's like Dorothy's problems following the yellow brick road.

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