Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Fremont Neighborhood Fauna

Keeping an eye out for wildlife in my grandson's neighborhood always pays off. Sometimes, one has to be patient and wait, but there's usually a payoff.

This visit, I started seeing several five-inch long gray lizards scurrying about on the rocks of the front door.

They usually don't hang around and let me get my camera out and take aim, but finally I got lucky and photographed one as it was sunning itself.

I think it's a Northern Fence Lizard.

I also saw a lot of turkeys, but they were always on the wrong side of the car and I couldn't stop for more than a few seconds ... until our last day there. Four toms were displaying on the sidewalk next to a meter of sorts, trying to impress a female across the street.

One thing about males in sexual heat, they're single-minded and can't be bothered with a camera in their faces.

Good! I finally got some shots off for posterity!

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