Monday, November 7, 2016

A Hilarious Time Share Sales Call

The other day, I got a call from a woman offering me a free vacation in Waikiki, compliments of Hilton Grand Vacations Time Share.

She said it was a reward for being a "longtime member of Hilton HHonors."

That's true; I've been a member for about 30 years. I politely declined, but she was persistent and asked where I lived, obviously about to offer me airfare.

For some reason, I felt like going along. "Hawaii," I responded.

"Ah, how far are you from Waikiki?" she asked.

"About two miles," I replied, stifling a giggle.

... (Silence)

"O-o-o-KAY!" she finally blurted out, breaking out into laughter, "Never mind! Thank you for your time," she said between giggles.

"You're welcome!" I fell off the chair laughing, and could barely keep my wits about me as I hung up the phone.

Sometimes it pays to play along. I kid you not. We made each other's day.


Carolyn said...

I'm sure you gave her something to talk about for a very long time! I have a friend who asks them where they are calling from, what's the weather like and then start telling them jokes. They can't get to their spiel and after a bit, will just say "goodbye" !!

Craig Miyamoto said...

Ohh, I love that, Carolyn. I should try that technique some time!