Friday, February 19, 2016

The Bull No Shit ...

While driving home recently, I saw this sign posted on a telephone pole: “Real Estate Investor Needs Trainee. $150K. Text me: XXX-XXXX”

Yeah, right. Like somebody’s going to pay a stranger $150,000 to be trained. More likely the advertiser will hit up the “trainee” for a fee, providing techniques and suggestions and a list of potential “targets.” Sounds like bullshit to me.

That reminds me of a time in the long-ago past when Dad came home from his med office one day and said he heard something interesting at lunch: "The bull no shit, the grass no grow."

In other words, even though someone presents you with a load of crap, it’s likely that it will provide the fertilizer for something to grow, something that will be useful to someone, or something, else.

So is there a third party (or fourth or fifth) that will benefit if someone answers the “trainee wanted” ad?

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