Thursday, February 11, 2016

SLS: End of the Line

At the north terminus of the Las Vegas Strip monorail sits SLS, fka The Sahara, one of the legendary Rat-Pack hotels, that shut down in 2011. It's been the SLS since August 2014.

I heard that SLS Hotel & Casino President and COO Rob Oseland said "SLS" stands for "Style, Luxury and Service." It was actually inspired by the Mercedes SL500. Who knew? And now that I know, who cares what it means? Just call it SLS and leave it at that.

However, in retrospect, I should have done some Internet research before taking the monorail there during my recent December Vegas holiday.

Then I would have paid more attention to the 3D video hanging over the Center Bar. Or ordered the not-on-the-menu tater tots at Umami Burger. Or placed a bet on the tiny sports book situated in Umami. Or taken a picture of the Sahara door-handles chandelier.

Instead, I wandered around in an uneducated daze, signed up to be a member of their slot club, The Code, and pressed buttons on slot machines. Good thing I did too. I won some dinner money:

It's a classy place. I should (and likely will) go back there.

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