Saturday, August 1, 2015

Phone Pix 51: Black and White

Although we live in a Technicolor world, sometimes it's a lot more dramatic to see things in old-fashioned black-and-white. It brings back memories of the '40s and '50s (if you can remember that far back), when times were simpler and people were less complicated.

Go back in time with me ...

Benziger Winery, Sept. 24, 2013, Glen Ellen, CA

BR Cohn Winery, Sept. 24, 2013, Glen Ellen, CA

Houge Park, Sept. 29, 2013, San Jose, CA

Dry Arrangement, Dec. 12, 2013, Fremont, CA

Driveway Lichen, Jan. 22, 2014, Honolulu, HI

Neighbor's Chimney, Aug. 12, 2014, Fremont, CA

Board Fence, Aug. 13, 2014, Fremont, CA

Mailbox Post, Aug. 16, Fremont, CA

Radio Tower, Aug. 21, 2014, Honolulu, HI

Zippy's Xeriscaping, Aug. 23, 2014, Honolulu, HI

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