Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My iPad Keyboard

Lookit my latest toy. It's not a laptop, it's a Kensington keyboard that facilitates blog writing with my iPad Air.

One day, my son asked if I wanted to go to Fry's Electronics, just down the street from his house in Fremont. Of course, I went, and was immediately drawn to the tablet accessories section.

The tablet keyboards started their luring siren song, and next thing you know, I picked one out and bought it (about a hundred bucks).

When we got home, I discovered my keyboard was for the iPad 2 and wouldn't lock into mine. So back we went, and I found a proper brand and model for a few dollars less.

I've turned into a pretty good one-finger typist on my iPad, but there are times when a keyboard is mighty helpful – like when I wrote medium-length to fairly long blog articles on my flight back home. Or most recently, when I had to pound out nine of them while waiting for the wife at my son's house.

There are three minor drawbacks to the keyboard: (1) It adds quite a bit of weight to the iPad. I estimate the weight more than doubles. (2) I can't disconnect it to lighten the load. (3) And, I have to lay it on a table (or on the airplane's food tray) in front of me.

But like I said, those are minor; I've adjusted.


casch said...

Thought about getting one for my iPad, but then I got this handy dandy lightweight laptop. I love this one. The other laptops were HEAVY. I felt I was getting a workout every time I packed it up and took it with me. I don't feel this way with this one. It's slim and light. In fact it isn't much heavier than my iPad, though a bit larger. I digress. I will miss your blogs.

Craig Miyamoto said...

Thank you, Carolyn. And I do agree that a heavy carry-along can be a drag!