Saturday, March 7, 2015

Main Street Las Vegas Repairs

When I was on vacation last December in Las Vegas, downtown's Main Street was being torn up and repaved.

It was quite a chore getting into Main Street Station's valet parking area, as I had to cross over the torn-up section to get my car parked.

The same thing applied to The Plaza, where I had to pull in so I could access the Las Vegas Jerkys, Etc. shop to get some goodies to take home to the family.

One thing I was thankful for was that the noise was at a minimum, as opposed to the freeway traffic hum and railroad chuggles outside my room window. Here's the view from my window, by the way:

Real picturesque, huh? Real noisy too, 24/7, cars, trucks, cars, horns, railroad chugging and whistles. Not the best of environments to get some rest after a long day.

The room itself was okay. Not first class by any means, but fine for a downtown hotel. Not up to the standards set at the Golden Nugget, or The D, by any means, but fine enough for a budget vacation.

I think I've had my last budget vacation with Vacations Hawaii, however.

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