Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Phone Pix 32: Fish Market

We had a $25 gift certificate to Tamashiro Fish Market recently, so we used it to buy a pound of sashimi (raw tuna). Yep, it cost that much, but it was top grade ahi (yellow tail), so I can't complain.

Of course, we bought more than that, and while I was wandering around the market, I snapped a bunch of pictures of their offerings with my phone camera. After all, I don't go there very often and had to take advantage of the situation.

My pix, all taken on July 28, 2014:

Green Ogo (Seaweed)

Samoan Crabs

Uhu (Parrot Fish)

Akule  (Big Eye Scad)

Aku (Skipjack Tuna)

Manila Clams

High-Grade Ahi

Shellfish Poke (Raw Salad)

Ahi Poke (Raw Salad)

Fresh Pineapple

Bento Snacks

Local Pumpkins

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