Friday, October 17, 2014

No Goo in My Inner GPS

I recently had to do a drug store run at Long's/CVS in Manoa, coupled with a supermarket grocery run at Safeway Beretania. I did the food scrounge first, and emptied out my trunkload of groceries at home before heading off to Long's Drugs.

On the list that the wife gave me was Goo Gone. It's that liquid that dissolves sticky stuff from surfaces, skin, clothes, jars, etc. My son had borrowed the bottle we had, and never returned it.

So anyway, I got to Long's, found everything else on the "on sale" list, and proceeded to search for the Goo Gone. I went up and down the aisles, haphazardly at first, using my inner sense to determine where the hell it would be stocked.

I found Shoe Goo, I found Goop. But no Goo Gone.

So I renewed my search in a more organized manner. Up and down each aisle, no matter what was on display: Greeting cards, local food products, first-aid stuff, cosmetics ... because one never knows what logic hides in the minds of people setting up displays.

A half-hour later, still no luck.

Finally, I went up to a store employee sticking shelves and told him what I was looking for. He looked at me bemusedly, turned slightly to his left, and pointed. There, on the top shelf of the "cleaner" section was the Goo Gone, in squirt bottles and spray bottles.

Can you say, "Felt stupid"?

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