Thursday, October 9, 2014

My Slug Mummy

A-a-a-and since we talked about dead people in my last post, here's a dead slug.

Not just any dead slug, mind you, but a mummified one that I created with a little bit of salt.

See, I went outside to read in my chair, and spotted a large brownish-black slug sliming its way across the lanai/driveway pavement. So I went back inside and brought out some salt, and as I usually do when I find slugs, poured some salt on this one.

It began to ooze liquid (as they usually do), then shrank until it could do no more. Eventually the liquid evaporated, or whatever it is that slug plasma does, and the remains ... er, remained.

Days later ... weeks later ... a month later, and it was still there, looking just the way it does in the picture. The ants didn't want it, the lizards didn't want it. But I found it interesting to watch its preservation process.

I'm such a nerdy dork that way.

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