Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hospital-Blocked Downloads

This was interesting. Recently, I was sitting in the Queen's Medical Center waiting room so I could visit someone in the hospital. Naturally, I had my iPad with me to while away the time.

They had free wifi service, so I logged on to it, flexed my keyboard finger, and settled back to do some web surfing.

I thought I'd check the comments on one of my blogs, but when I tried to pull it up, this screen appeared:

Blogs, Personal Sites Blocked

I can understand this. Why should the medical center spend its download allotment on personal stuff? I think it's more for the employees, who shouldn't be reading personal stuff online on the job.

Everything else I pulled up came onscreen. So no problem.

Then, I thought I'd play some Solitaire. Now, with each new game I start, the game downloads a sponsor's ad from the 'net that I have to lay my eyes on before I can play a new hand. That's reasonable, and besides, I just click out of it right away.

But instead of the ads, this screen appeared:

Advertising is Blocked
That makes sense too. The only thing is, some ads came up, some were blocked. I wonder who made the decision as to what ads are "objectionable"? If I recall all of Solitaire's ads were pretty innocuous. But then, who am I to say what's objectionable to others?

Interesting, huh?

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