Monday, September 1, 2014

Phone Pix 29: First New iPhone5 Pix

All rightie then, I got a new phone - an iPhone5. So the first thing I did after getting out of the Verizon store was walk back to our car in Alii Place. It's a short walk, about two blocks in downtown Honolulu.

I just had to try out the camera, so I snapped a few along the way. Now, unlike my old phone, the iPhone seems to do some preliminary cropping on its own; maybe not, but I'm going to have to investigate.

So when I downloaded the pix, I saw that I had to do some cropping. Not all the pictures were reduceable to the 700 x 419 size that I used before. With the old phone, I just resized and didn't do any cropping or touching up. With the new phone, I did some cropping.

Here are the pix I practiced with, all dated Aug. 31, 2014:

Alii Place Foyer Floral Display

Alii Place Moon Painting

Alii Place Entry Mural

Alii Place Entrance Fountain

Bishop Square Concourse Pool

Bishop Square Concourse

Bishop Square Fred Kresser Memorial
Guiding Force in Building the Square

Honolulu District Court

The Hawaii State Art Museum

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