Sunday, September 7, 2014

Alice's White Rabbit?

We saw something new this last trip to Fremont. A white rabbit was hopping around the neighborhood in the mornings, going from one manicured semi-dry yard to another.

It wasn't a scrawny, lean jackrabbit either. This was a pudgy, fluffy-white bunny with pink ears and eyes. It might have been an escaped pet from somewhere in the development.

And boy, could it move fast. I was upstairs watching it the first morning through the bedroom window and had difficulty zooming in to take a picture. It just never held a pose in one place long enough to take a photo. In the few seconds it took to locate it in the viewfinder and zoom in (it's hard to track and allow the lens to focus), it would hop away and I'd have to start all over again.

Only when it took a rabbit-pellet dump in our yard did it stop long enough for me to snap a pic.

And no, Alice never did show up.


casch said...

Several years ago, our neighbors would let their rabbits out to eat their dinner. The cute part was, they would hop on home when they were full.

Craig Miyamoto said...

That's great! I wonder if one of them hopped all the way over to Fremont? LOL.