Tuesday, September 9, 2014

KGMB-TV Messed Up Again

Somebody at KGMB-TV, Channel 9 Honolulu, needs be fired, or at the very least get his/her pay docked, for inexcusably confusing the words "affect" and "effect" on the station's early evening newscast last night.

The teaser promo should read, "The June Jones Effect." Not "Affect."

Didn't anybody there go to English class in school? Shouldn't everybody know the difference between "affect" and "effect"? I got that drummed into my head so many times in junior high and high school, not to mention in my undergraduate and graduate journalism classes in college.

Okay. One more time. Repeat after me: "Affect" is a verb; "Effect is a noun." Got that? Hey, KGMB writer, I'm talking to YOU. Better yet, get someone who knows proper English to proofread what you write. Or, email me the copy and I'll do it for you.

Er ... you do know what verbs and nouns are, right?

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