Friday, January 18, 2013

New Office Chair

Around October or so last year, my most-comfortable trusty office chair, which I had been using since I reopened my pubic relations management consultancy in 1997, died. It broke. It fell apart. Fifteen years of loyal service and it bit the dust.

Solution? Get a new one. So I dropped a hint to the wife, noting that a new chair would make a great Christmas present. Hint taken. Yay.
In early December, I vacationed in Las Vegas, leaving the wife home to take care of things. She actually went chair shopping during my absence, but decided to hold off buying until I got home so I could get one that fit my needs and comfort. Smart lady.

Well … the sales person she talked to had told her more were coming in and that he’d call her when the new stock was in. He never called. So I kept using this rock-hard old, 1950s-style secretarial chair that had been hanging around the house for an eternity. Every day was an adventure. It was like riding a horse. I couldn’t sit for more than a half-hour or so, and my back, thighs and hips would hurt like hell.

Finally, I reminded her. So we went to Costco and for a couple of hundred bucks, got a great leather executive chair that I was able to put together myself, without any injuries save for a couple of sore thumbs caused by those damned Allen wrenches that they include in the kit.

It’s like Heaven has returned to my office. Aaaahhh, a new chair.


Anonymous said...

Pubic Relations Management?
Is that something the Vice Squad aware of?

Craig Miyamoto said...

I forget who it was that said, "public relations? 'Public' I understand, 'relations' I understand. But relations in public?
THAT, I don't understand!"