Friday, December 19, 2008

How Very Stupid

The other day, as I was having breakfast at a local coffee shop, I heard a fellow in the next booth answer his cell phone: “555-9876, this is Joe Aldritch speaking.” (I changed his phone number and name to protect his privacy.)

I just shook my head. If I could hear him say that, others could as well, any time he answered his phone with that greeting.

How little effort it would take for an unscrupulous person within earshot to take down that information, do a reverse phone number look-up, find out Joe’s address, and cause all kinds of havoc with his identity.

Some people are so stupid, aren’t they?


casch said...

I really hate having to overhear others phone conversations~even if they aren't divulging that kind of info! Doesn't he realize what he is doing??!! Rhetorical question at best.

Montee said...

I guess people are too trusting. The other day I was in a doctor's waiting room. A man in the waiting room answered his cell phone. Instead of leaving the room to talk, he had a very loud conversation. I had to hear how he had a little spat with a co-worker and all the details. I tried to block it out but he was so loud. I really did not care to hear about the spat and how he himself was such a great guy,blah,blah,blah.