Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve Sushi

I used to enjoy the Christmas season when I was a kid, when I was in college, when I lived in Los Angeles, and even when I first moved back to Hawaii.

But then, my wife’s family’s business intruded. They run a Japanese okazuya (delicatessen) and spent both Christmas and New Year’s Eves catering sushi for sale.

My efforts to instill the Christmas spirit were consistently dashed by tired people coming home and just plopping down in chairs, exhausted from hours of back-breaking work. So, eventually, I gave up the decorating and playing of Christmas songs. In time, they had me there with them, rolling maki sushi. That's when I learned how to grumble and become a grumpy man.

And ever since, I do not enjoy the Christmas season, no matter how much I try. This past day before Christmas, I hauled my buns over to the deli once again to help them roll sushi. In recent years, I limit myself to rolling about a fourth of whatever is ordered – this year I rolled 65 rolls of maki sushi.

At least they don’t work on New Year’s Eve any more. That was the back-breaker. But that’s another story. Maybe I’ll tell you about it next week.


casch said...

Yuk!! No wonder you don't like the Christmas season! I wouldn't either. Anyway you could just quit that job?!

Toyoki said...

Ohhh, if only I could quit without getting the whole family teed off at me, Carolyn. The best I can do is goof off and go home early.

casch said...

yeah, a sticky situation at best! But going home early is good too! They can't be TOO angry with you, after all, you DID show up! ;)

Sue said...

Christmas just ain't what it used to be.