Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Second Time Around

Can you believe it? I read The Collectors by David Baldacci twice. Last week on my flight back home from Las Vegas, I opened the book and started reading. Jeez, I thought as I turned the pages, this all sounds so familiar. I had a feeling I knew what was going to happen, but couldn't remember the details.

The last time I read a book was several months earlier on another airplane flight. I'm so into watching dvds at home during my evening spare time that I haven't read a book in ages except on airplane flights back home.

To say the least, this was strange. The book was brand new, purchased a few weeks ago in anticipation of this trip. But it was published in 2006, so I maybe I bought it then and read it while on a previous trip. I just didn't remember doing it, or remember any of the details. Scary.

This time, however, I really got into the book. Baldacci is one of the many authors I've read over the years. The Collectors is a follow-up to The Camel Club and reprises the principal characters -- the four members of the Camel Club. They investigate a murder in the Library of Congress. Meanwhile, a young lady masterminds a scam of a sleazy Atlantic City casino owner. The connection between the two plots becomes clear later in the book.

I'm relieved. At least now I remember what I read!


Bevlove said...

Since baseball is not a sport I follow, I will just say ... "that's a doggone nice picture?"

Toyoki said...

It's not too shabby, is it? I took that one with my phone camera. It does well when the sun is shining brightly.