Thursday, October 30, 2008

Breakfast at Denny's

This morning, I had the convenient opportunity to have breakfast at Denny's in Pearl City. On my business trips to the mainland, Denny’s was one of the first places I’d stop at for a meal when I got off the airplane on the West Coast. Usually the overnight red-eye flights from Hawaii get there at an ungodly hour and the only place I could find open was a Denny’s.

As for the one at Oahu's Pearlridge Center, I don't get out that way very often these days and haven't been there in years. I used to make a special effort when I was an avid baseball card collector to drive there during baseball season when they were giving out "Grand Slam" baseball cards if you got one of their Grand Slam breakfasts.

But that changed when I shut down my sports-card collecting avocation.

I got one of their specials today – the prime rib skillet. It sounded tantalizing, and their “beauty shot” made it look huge and inviting as well. But y'know, the trouble with hyperbole and beauty shots is that the actual product generally pales a little in comparison. This one didn't live up to the expectations.

That’s not to say that the meal was not good. In fact, it was pretty tasty. Except that my scrambled eggs were a bit overdone; I like them soft and creamy. Instead of the thick prime rib sticks that you see in the picture, I got cubes. The roasted peppers were intensely tasty, the scrambled eggs were piled up on hash browns. And, I also got three tortillas with salsa and sour cream. Most importantly, their coffee was almost as good as what I brew at home.

If I’m ever back out that way again, I may go back to Denny’s.


Rebecca said...

I remember having Thanksgiving dinner there once in AZ when everyplace else was either closed or booked. It's not such a veg-friendly place (especially) if you don't eat eggs, but they had pity and let me order a grilled cheese off the senior menu. Good people.

casch said...

I've never had a problem with Denny's but its sort of fast food for me and I rarely do fast food. Still, what you had sounds really yummy!

Montee said...

Hey Craig. My husband, Phillip and son, Brett go to Dennys a lot during the baseball season when they are on roadtrips. Brett prefers Waffle House though. Hope you have a great weekend!

Bevlove said...

I remember Denny's when we lived in Florida. Nice little breakfast place.