Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Never Strangers, Ever Friends

I just got back from Las Vegas where I met some wonderful people from a discussion board that I frequent. Three of the group I'd met previously, but two were new.

All are dear friends, which is a phenomenon of the Internet that only those who've experienced it can understand. We all post at this board, and after a while, we get to know each other almost better than we know our own families.

It's so interesting to try and envision what a person will look like, based only on a posting name and what they write. It's a little easier on this particular board because we mostly use photos of our face as our avatars. Still, a photo is a mere capture in time and doesn't exactly project a person's personality. What they write does to a degree, but there's nothing like talking face-to-face.

I'm glad I got into this computer thing; I've made a lot of new friends from far-flung places, and met so many great people in person over the years.


Bevlove said...

I agree with you, Craig, that sometimes we get to know our internet friends almost better than our own families.

It's always fun to meet people you have been communicating with for several years.

Sue said...

I also agree with you Craig. It's quite a phenomenon that I'm glad I've had the pleasure to experience. Too meet people from far-flung places is really nice!