Monday, November 23, 2015

The Cracking of the Knees

I don’t remember exactly when my knees started cracking. Perhaps it happened when I was in college; perhaps it was when I was 30 or so. Perhaps it was even later than that.

No matter.

The point is, it’s been one of the first things I’ve done in the morning for years and years and years. I do it one of two ways: I either get out of bed, so a squat so my knees are extremely bent and give out loud “ka-racks.” Or, as I’m lying in bed, I’ll whip each leg out straight in turn and crack the knees that way.

The “Family Circus” newspaper cartoon pictured in this blog ran recently. It brought the knee-cracking to top of mind and I wondered how many people out there experience this. Apparently, it’s pretty common. Still, I’ve never heard anyone else talking about the phenomenon.

WebMD says not to worry about cracking or popping unless it’s associated with pain or swelling. It’s most likely uneven cartilage surfaces gliding against each other. Or, perhaps ligaments tightening with movement over the bones.

I liken it to the relief you get when you crack your neck or your shoulders when you flex them. Y'know, the thing chiropractors do as you lie on their table. It feels good and heralds a loosening-up of the body. I think. But there’s no pain, so I’m not going to worry about it.

Do your knees crack?

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