Saturday, November 7, 2015

Sign Language?

Hawaiian Rent-All at the corner of Beretania and McCully Streets is rather famous for its witty quotation sign that can hardly be missed as one drives toward downtown Honolulu.

The sign changes on a rather regular basis, and people turning left onto Beretania from McCully, or as I mentioned, those driving straight past it on the way to town, can't help but glance, read and chuckle.

When the original owners sold the business to a mainland proprietor, there was some concern that the punny signs would be discontinued. To the contrary, the quotes kept on keeping on, and even delved into controversial subjects that outraged the police, lawmakers and some of the public.

Did Hawaiian Rent-All capitulate? Not on your life! They've always stood by with their signs' language and don't change them for anything.

Except that ... they really should fix the wording that I spotted when I drove past this week:

Everybody knows that the possessive form of "our" is "ours," not our's." Right?

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