Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Bellagio Christmas

The other attraction that is amongst the first I visit on trips to Las Vegas is the Conservatory in the Bellagio Hotel & Casino. Depending where I'm staying, and the route I'm driving, I visit either the Palazzo Atrium or the Bellagio Conservatory first. But no matter, the other is always the second place you can find me.

It seems they recycle their theme attractions from time to time. I've seen those penguins and bears before, but nonetheless, they always bring a twinkle to the eye and a smile to the lips.

It's especially heartwarming to hear parents tell their youngsters to "watch for this, and watch for that" ... it's a Christmas tradition, evidently, to revisit the Conservatory.

As usual, I'll just keep my mouth shut ... well, perhaps I'll caption the pictures. Have fun visiting with me!

Via Bellagio Mall Display

The Bellagio Lobby Horse

Display Behind the Registration Desk

Penguins on the Frolic

Do Penguins' Necks and Heads Get Cold?

Teeny Tiny Beads, Not Water

The Giant Bellagio Christmas Tree

Zoom-In Picture of the Tree Ornaments

Snow Globe and Train

Another Snow Globe and Gingerbread House

Is this Santa's Express?

Close-Up of a Giant Christmas Tree Bulb

Mama Coca~Cola Polar Bear

The Lazy Coca~Cola Polar Bear Cub

The Energetic Coca-Cola Polar Bear Cub
From me at the Bellagio, Merry Christmas!

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