Thursday, July 3, 2014

My Latest Las Vegas Car Rental

My most recent May car rental in Las Vegas sure went better than the flat-tire episode in Fremont in April.

Although, I must say I was surprised when I saw the car they assigned me. I'd ordered the usual - a compact, not only for the cost, but for ease of driving. So when they brought me a red Dodge High Caravan, I had some misgivings.

First, let me say that I like renting red cars. It makes it so much easier to spot the rented car in a parking lot ... how often have I wandered about looking for a blue or gray or black rental? Many times.

Anyway, the High Caravan sure felt solid and chunky, and it took a little bit of getting used to. For one thing, getting out of the car was a bit difficult because there's no running board and it's one helluva long step to the ground. I'm no spring rooster anymore, and it's tough to drop to the ground (I fear for my toes and ankles, to tell the truth).

The van had some neat features. For one thing, the key. What key? There's no traditional key with a jagged metal thingie sticking out that you shove into the ignition hole. No sirree. This one had a USB-type projection that fit into the ignition. The first time I had to insert the key, I was totally confused for a minute or so, until I figured it out.

I didn't have to insert the key when I picked up the car, and I didn't have to insert the key when the hotel valet got the car for me. But I did have to insert the key after I left Fry's Electronics, where I went after I drove out of the hotel's valet area. Yep, that was confusing.

The gear shift isn't on the steering column; neither is it in a console to the right of the driver. It's stuck there on the dashboard, reminiscent of our old 1960 Buick that had a push-button transmission control on the left-side of the dashboard. The more things change ...

It felt a little weird, but what the heck, I got used to it. At least I got to test-drive a brand-new Dodge High Caravan.


casch said...

I recall the car my parents had with the push button transmission. Evidently wasn't too popular, though. My car is keyless also. Just need to have it in the car. I just keep it in my purse. When I use Loren's car, I have to figure out how to start it with a key! LOL!

Craig Miyamoto said...

Aren't these innovations making us lazy? LOL.

casch said...

I really got a kick out of this post, as I was in Maui, at the time, in a rented red car. Now that should have been great, as you mentioned, it's easier to find in a parking lot. I'm so accustomed to renting a white or gray car that I could never find the RED one! Is that "blonde" or just human nature?! :)

Craig Miyamoto said...

Lol, Carolyn. Did your key have an alarm button? I press it and head toward the honking horn. I have a "Find your car" app on my phone but always forget to use it.

Daniel Youd said...

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