Saturday, May 3, 2014

Trip Inconvenience 1: The Cold

I really hate it when I catch a cold on a trip, especially one that lasts more than a week.

Well, I caught one during my recent visit to California when the wife and I helped celebrate my grandson's birthday.

It began like most colds begin, with a slightly achy throat when I woke up the morning of his birthday party, and turned scratchy when the kids began arriving. Not wanting to spend too much time in the house and chance spreading my developing cold, I went outside to the deck so I could soak up some sun.

Unfortunately, there was a big cool wind come blowing up the hill, one that gave me a slight chill ... not exactly the best thing. I should have tried to stay warm, but what could I do? The house was full of rambunctuous, energetic kids singing songs from the Disney animated movie, Frozen.

As the following days went by, the cold got worse, not a very leaky-nose cold, it was one of those that caused coughing jags and (I swear), pounds and pounds of yellow-brown stuff that I kept hacking up. I went through a whole big box of tissues during my week-long stay, not to mention cough syrup and Zycam.

To make matters worse, I lost my voice, although the wife must have been relieved that she couldn't hear my complaints. Like many a big ol' man, I turn into a whining kid when I'm sick.

The good news is, I made it home on the plane without being kicked off for being contagious.

The bad new is ... the cold was only the first of the problems I encountered on the trip. I'll tell you about another next time.

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