Sunday, May 11, 2014

Serino's Pizza Now in Manoa

There's a new pizza place in town ... actually, it's not new in town, just in the Manoa Marketplace that we frequent for our supermarket, drug store, Chinese food, and local snacks.

It's Serino's, which used to be located in Waikiki, where the International Marketplace used to be on Kalakaua Avenue. That marketplace is no more, having been razed to make way for ... well, I don't quite remember what for.

We stumbled onto this place when we went to dinner at Tokoname Sushi Bar & Restaurant (just to the left of the above picture). The new Serino's shop is located where a Japanese Hello Kitty store used to be. I never saw anybody in that store, but I've seen a lot of people in Serino's.

There's no place to sit and eat there, but there are a few chairs and tables in the vicinity.

We bought their $25 ultimate pizza (everything under the sun on a thin crust) ... very tasty. They have a loyalty program. Buy five and the sixth is on them.

I wonder how much business they're drawing away from North End Boston Pizza just down the street?

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