Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Return Flight Was Better – Almost

May 23, 2014, leaving Las Vegas for home five days later:

It started off fine. I did have apprehension on the Vegas-Seattle leg when a little baby, oh, maybe a year old, sat across the skinny aisle from me on the CRJ plane that took me from Las Vegas to Seattle. I needn't have worried. She took a shining to me, smiling cutely, then sleeping through practically all the two hours we were in the air.

It was a long wait in Seattle for my flight back to Hawaii, but the wait went well – no problems.

They announced a full flight to Honolulu, but the middle seat next to me in the Economy Comfort zone was empty, much to the delight of my row mate and me. We were able to lift the seat arms, and it was like sitting on a couch.

A couple in the row across the aisle was pulled and upgraded to first class. Lucky people, and the serviceman sitting in the row had three seats all to himself. Lucky guy, well-deserved.

Good luck for all concerned. And then ... this little 3-4-year-old girl behind me started whimpering, then talking, then singing. Oh well, updated score: two good, one bad.

And then (again) as we were taxiing for takeoff, the pilot came on the PA to announce there was right-engine control-light problem (electronic engine control), so we taxied back to the gate for repairs (Wha-a-at!) and a possible 30-minute delay. Actual delay: one hour and five minutes.

The serviceman across the aisle. Poor guy.  A young talkative chef student at the Culinary Institute of America was able to make the flight after originally missing it, but because of the delay, they put her on. She took the aisle seat in his row ... No more couch for him.

Looks like I spoke too soon, huh?

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