Friday, February 7, 2014

Creepy Sleepy Peepy

Let’s just pretend you’re a student at Wellesley College, a 233-year-old institution of higher learning, exclusively for women, located 12 miles west of Boston, Massachusetts. It boasts nearly 37,000 alumnae and a current enrollment of 2,300 students.

(Guys reading this will have to change their point of view.)

Okay, now just imagine it’s after sundown and you’re walking by yourself, and you see this ---->

It’s an almost-naked guy, wearing nothing but briefs (Hanes? Jockey? BVD?), arms extended and most assuredly freezing his acorns off,. Would you creep out? Would you think it’s a zombie? Or a guy walking in his sleep? Again, would you be creeped out?

Quite a few Wellesley students were/are. In fact, there’s a petition asking admins to get rid of the damned thing, and if not, then at least put it inside somewhere. “Sleepwalker” is a painted bronze sculpture by Tony Matelli, as part of his solo show at the Wellesley’s Davis Museum called “New Gravity.”

The sculpture and its placement are supported by museum director Lisa Fischman, so the chances of it being moved are quite nil.

Personally, I think it’s incredibly life-like and amazing work.

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