Friday, February 21, 2014

A Panty Ranty

Women in Russia are angry and they’re not going to take it anymore.

You might even say they have their panties in a bunch.

Why? Because soon, they won’t be able to buy the lacy, synthetic lingerie that they’ve become accustomed to since the Soviet Union fell.

And it’s not just Russia. It’s Belarus and Kazakhstan too. Anything less than 6% cotton can’t be imported, made, or sold in these three countries.

That will leave the women with only frumpy, unflattering cotton underwear to wear under their sarafans (well, okay, I know they don’t wear these anymore, but I couldn't resist the mental image the long pinafores evoke).

So this week, Kazakhstani women staged a protest – they carried signs, shouted “Freedom to panties!”, and … wore lace underwear on their heads.

According to the Russian Textile Businesses Union, 80% of the $4 billion worth of underwear sold in Russia each year. And as do the unions here in Hawaii and the United States, they want a bigger slice of the pie. Can’t say as I blame them. Any union member should empathize.

Have La Perla intimate wear and Victoria’s Secret seen their hey-day in Russia? Not yet, their products are flying off the shelves in lingerie stores because the ban won’t go into effect until July 1.

Things sure have changed in Russia. The women are no panty-waists anymore.

I kid you not.

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