Sunday, May 21, 2017

HNL-OAK-HNL First-Class Meals

Having very recently returned from our vacation in Fremont, CA, to visit our grandson, I thought it would be timely to report on the meals we were served on our Hawaiian Airlines flights from Honolulu to Oakland and back.

We were served lunch on our HNL-OAK flight. And as usual, given a choice of two appetizers and two main courses, the wife and I ordered different dishes and shared them:

The appetizer choices were (1) Roasted Beef Salad with macadamia nuts, lilikoi aioli and arugula with Maui onion dressing, and (2) Kim Chee Shrimp Poke with salted cucumber and pickled Maui onions.

Unfortunately, we dug right in and forgot to take photos of the appetizers. I am pleased to report that they were both excellent, although the wife preferred the beef salad over the kim chee shrimp. 

Shoyu Roast Chicken
For the main course, I had the Shoyu Roast Chicken with sweet corn relish and creamy mushrooms rice—an excellent and very tasty choice.

Ginger Scallion Pesto Udon
The wife had Ginger Scallion Pesto Udon Noodles with baby bok choy, and roasted mushrooms with sesame sauce.

I am happy to report that both entrees were very scrumptious.

For dessert, we both had Passion Chocolate Cake, which was not like your usual cake wedge, but good in its own way.

An aside: A man seated in 3F was slightly perturbed about the meal choices. He either couldn't eat , or didn't like, the choices.

He grumbled, "I paid a bundle to upgrade, and can't get a meal." He wanted prime rib, but settled for two slices of the chocolate cake. Now THAT'S a loser.

On our return OAK-HNL flight, we were served breakfast, which was a lot better than the egg soufflé thing they served on our November return flight.

Banana Bread and Fresh Fruit
Gruyere Cheese and Veggie Bits Omelet and Portuguese Sausage
The first course was fresh fruit and banana nut bread, followed by a Gruyere cheese and veggie-bits omelet with Portuguese sausage and potatoes. I didn’t care for the egg; it was a bit too firm and on the dry side (first time I was offered ketchup packets in first class).

Burnt Caramel Cheesecake
Dessert was a Burnt Caramel Cheesecake. Yummy!


Carolyn said...

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Awwww .. thanks so much, Carolyn!