Monday, September 19, 2016

Things I Didn’t Know

It’s amazing how ignorant I am. For example, I did not know that:
  • If you get a kidney transplant, the original ones stay put. The new one goes in your pelvis.
  • From the time of its discovery until it was stripped of planetary status, Pluto still hadn’t made a complete orbit around the sun.
  • Matches were invented after lighters.
  • Raise the bed of Lake Superior and both North and South America would be under a foot of water.
  • If caffeine is your enemy but you love coffee, drink a darker blend; lighter coffee has more caffeine.
  • Suitcase wheelies didn’t exist until we went to the moon.
  • Saudi Arabia, with all its desert, imports its camels – from Australia.
  • It rains diamonds on Saturn and Jupiter.

I did not know that, did you?

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