Monday, April 13, 2015

Crunched Car

On the morning I arrived in Las Vegas, March 9th it was, I decided to drive over to Summerlin and have breakfast at a restaurant I never tried before. As I was driving west on Charleston, I happened upon a slowdown in traffic.

When I reached the next intersection, this is what was waiting there for me to see:

Some unlucky driver had apparently smashed into the rear end of another car and completely totaled its front end. I'm not sure if the black van was involved in the accident or not.

I only had a second or so to snap a picture as I drove past the scene of the accident, and as you can see by the side rear-view mirror in the bottom right, there were a lot of cars behind me. That's my wristwatch under the damaged car, a reflection in the driver's side window.

There was only enough time to boot up my phone camera before the cars started moving again. I was lucky to snap the picture between cars in the adjacent left lane blocked the view again.

Everything happened so quickly that I didn't get a chance to get the name of the cross street. Consequently, When I tried to Google information on the accident when I finally got into my hotel room later that afternoon, I found nothing.

Oh well, I feel fortunate there was no ambulance present, and that I wasn't the driver of the car.

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