Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Weird Chinese Menu Items

It's fun to read Chinese menus. Once you get past the misspellings and have a few laughs, try checking out the strange offerings. I found these dish listings at Asian Pearl in Fremont the last time the wife and I visited.

First, have you had goose webs? I've had duck's feet and chicken's feet, which are essentially the same thing as goose webs. So next time, I should try them. I think.

Should I have them with sea cucumber in a clay pot?

Or maybe braised in abalone sauce?

And speaking of sea cucumber and abalone, should I get the braised combination? It's pretty expensive.

I could get some pork belly and frog, but I'm leaning toward the "grab." I think they misspelled "crab," but I could be mistaken.

Oh, and how could I forget the goose intestines ... stir-fried, no less.

If I try any of these, I'll report back.

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