Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pagoda Floating Restaurant Redux

This past Sunday, we made our annual trek to the Pagoda Floating Restaurant, something we always do when my mother-in-law and my two brothers-in-law celebrate their birthdays, all of which fall in the first week of March.

Every year, I go with a sense of obligation and a stronger sense of trepidation. Biggest question on my mind is, "What will I find wrong this time?" But you should know, I always try to keep an open mind and anticipation that the place has improved.

Well, as usual, I have nit-picky things to talk about: They don't have sushi or sashimi in their buffet offerings any more. Neither do they have cold somen noodles, which is always a favorite of the more senior members of our group.

The spinach in the eggs florentine was very salty, the prime rib was overdone and unjuicy, the omelets were overcooked, the iced tea (which is no longer complimentary) was too weak, and their desserts continue to be ordinary (translation: not sweet and decadent).

I did see San Diego Charger Manti Te'o a couple of tables away; he looked local and cool in his white tee shirt and shorts. He was with family, I think ... nobody imaginary in sight, thank goodness.

The buffet brunch crowd wasn't very big, and I saw a lot of empty seats. Do you think others have the same opinion of the place as I do? Are they as tired as I am of the same ol', same ol' that it offers?

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