Thursday, February 23, 2017

Vending Machine Fuel Rod

While waiting for our flight home from Fremont last November, I noticed a vending machine when I wandered back to the waiting area from the restroom (not that the restroom has anything to do with it).

Curiosity got the better of me ... the vending machine was selling portable device fuel rods. Y'know, for your cell phone, iPads and tablets. The price seemed reasonable ($20) and included free replacement when the power ran out.

So I got one 'cause I'm a sucker for things like this. First thing I did was check the Internet to see if it was offered cheaper. It wasn't. In fact it cost $5 more for postage and handling.

And it works. I used it on my flight.

About a month later, my grandson visited us for Christmas and while he was playing with his iPad, it ran out of juice and he couldn't finish what he was doing. So instead of letting him suffer while his iPad recharged, I let him use the fuel rod.

He was so impressed that I gave it to him.

Now I needed a replacement, but either had to wait until I got to Oakland International Airport in the spring, or spend the extra 5 bucks and order one online.

No need. A couple of weeks later, I saw something similar on sale at the impulse rack at a local supermarket for $10. I bought one, just to give it a try.

It works! I scored again.


Carolyn said...

Way to go, Craig! I love a sale and a deal! Besides these little gizmo's are handy to have, when you can find them. :)

Craig Miyamoto said...

The checkout line find was quite serendipitous, Carolyn!