Sunday, July 5, 2015

Art Museum of Sonoma County

On a search for culture in Santa Rosa, I went to the Sonoma County Museum on a Tuesday. Bad move. I should have gone to their website and checked their operating hours. I was very disappointed to learn they close on Tuesdays.

However, as I was reading their hours on the door, it opened and a nice young woman told me the newly split off Art Museum of Sonoma County was open, so I walked a short half block and went there instead.

The art museum opened to the public on April 12 with a pop art display titled "“Andy Warhol to Kara Walker: Picturing the Iconic.” The museum is very small, but the space pieces were nicely laid out. There's plenty of natural light illuminating the works.

So, here we go with some pictures I took of the works on display:

"Coca Cola" by Mel Ramos

"Hollywood Sphinx" by Robert Rauschenberg

"Clown Suit and Hat" by Jane Hammond

"Campbell's Soup Cans -10-" by Andy Warhol

"Gun" by Andy Warhol

"Profile Airflow" by Claes Oldenberg

"Four Panel Love" by Robert Indiana
The last one ("Love") was the basis of the design of a 1973 U.S. postage stamp.

The Art Museum of Sonoma County, and its sister, The Sonoma County Museum, are located in downtown Santa Rosa, next to each other on Seventh Street.

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