Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Fremont, California, Main Library

It's been years – nay, decades – since I stepped foot into a real library. So when the grandson went to the Fremont Main Library to pick up more books for his kindergarten reading assignment, I tagged along. (Yes, I did say "kindergarten," and yes, they ARE reading in his class at Stratford School.)

I was very impressed with two things: (1) There were a lot of kids of all ages there on a Saturday, and (2) the library is beautiful – wonderfully designed and technologically modern, spacious and well lighted (much of it natural), with young librarians not of the "school marm" ilk.

Pictures speak louder than words:

Catalog Station

Jayme Sculpture



Reading Chairs

Electronic Check-Out

Just outside the Children's Section, a bunch of young 'uns were gawking at a display case of Japanese tradition folk art, a great exposure to foreign culture:

Samurai Helmet

Bamboo Flower Vase

Japanese Doll

Anyway, this library was the best I can remember seeing ... ever ... and I am blessed to have visited it. Hawaii's libraries just can't compare, unless they've been improved exponentially since the last time I was in one.

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